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Producing print quality artwork has never been more user friendly. With Easy View, our online designer you can now scale all aspects of transfer design with a few clicks. With our online portal we will work 24/7 for you. Need help checking artwork quality? Want to see what your design looks like on different material colours? Or perhaps you need to text outlining for print? With our Easy View system you can access everything you need to get your transfers printed, at a time that suits you.  

Don’t wait till Monday morning, our Easy View portal will check your artwork in real-time.


Getting your designs turned into transfers, can be achieved in a few simple steps. Whether you just want to upload your artwork and place your order. Or if you want to get creative in our designer. All you have to do is pick a layout and select ‘Get Started’.


Our size layouts have been carefully picked, based on industry standards and maximum print sizes for the most popular garments. Start uploading your artwork in the layout closest to your design, and you will be charged accurately for your design. In the Easy View design centre you can change between layouts with ease.


One of the most common design mistakes with transfer artwork is forgetting to vectorise the artwork. Easy View has been programmed to convert all font outlines for you. Saving valuable time for you and your customer.


The Easy View real-time design checker will alert you to any quality and problems instantly. If you artwork is in danger of looking blurry in print, the warning symbol will have your back. If you artwork has gone outside the print area, we warn you and stop the design from getting cut off. 


When bringing artwork to life, being able to visualise how your transfer will look on different colour backgrounds is essential. With our design tool you can switch between any colour background to help visualise your finished product.

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